Who We Are?

To implement project management across the enterprise requires more than promoting and using new procedures and conducting training courses. Implementing a project management culture requires changing people's approach to work, optimizing their processes, and building a supportive digital platform for the projects; and we are here to help you.

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Our Mission

At Zmaestro we help and support project managers in implementing the highest standards of project management. We work in including critical components needed to develop a best-in-class project management culture. We translate these advanced techniques into values for our customers through our professional solutions and services to individuals and organizations worldwide using a portable digital platform.


Our Vision

To develop PM leaders from different industries to lead the change in the project management field across the globe. We make this possible by building a proper project management culture using latest standards, tools, and technologies.


Our Values

The success of our business is determined by our ability to LEAD the major changes smoothly:

Low Risk
Ethical Work
Advanced Methodologies
Digital Platform

What We Do?

People, processes, and technology are the change agents identified as the catalysts for the success of any strategic change in every organization. These three pillars must be aligned to build a proper PM Culture across the organization as a key factor to succeed in the projects.


We help SMEs and mid-sized companies in maximizing their chance to succeed in their projects by enhancing the processes, improving the systems, and developing the team(s). Ultimately, we build a proper PM culture starting by changing/optimizing procedures, reviewing/enhancing systems. The result of this is having a well-equipped project manager with a set of technical, leadership & business management skills.


At Zmaestro, we implement high standards of Project Management as per the PMI (Project management Institution) recommendations, processes, and methodologies. These help managers conduct all phases of the project. Starting from initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & control, and finally closing from the most critical aspects such us: scoping, budgeting/cost, resourcing, scheduling, communicating, minimizing risks, and many more.


Having advanced technology in working on projects is critical to its success. Organizations that identify and upgrade their technology have a competitive advantage in the market. Therefore we help the organizations to align their IT-systems with the business by eliminating the gaps between them that lead to minimize cost and maximize benefits of information technology.

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