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Organizational Project Management (OPM) Framework Development

At Zmaestro, we specialize in designing customized Organizational Project Management (OPM) frameworks to align with your organization's objectives and industry standards. Our comprehensive approach ensures that projects are executed efficiently and effectively, driving success across your organization.

We provide a four-dimensional solution including the following:

OPM Methodologies

Organizations implement and use OPM methodologies in a coordinated way to obtain outcomes, benefits, and control not available from employing tools, techniques, and methods individually

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management involves a process of providing information combined with context to enhance a decision making and the ability to take action.

Talent Management

Assurance is needed to determine that the organization's review process is aligned with, and not in conflict with, the professional development of the portfolio, program, and project managers.

OPM Governance

Governance is not limited to project leadership but includes representation from any business unit that has impact, influence, or involvement in portfolios, programs, and projects

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